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SwiftCurrent Connect, the broadband subsidiary of Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS), connected its 3,000th broadband customer on December 28, 2023. SwiftCurrent Connect provides western Wisconsin residents with high-speed, reliable fiber-based internet service.  The PPCS board of directors authorized the first construction phase in the spring of 2021, and its first customer was connected on January 31, 2022. 

“To connect over 3,000 customers in less than 24 months is an incredible accomplishment for our employees,” said Nate Boettcher, President and CEO of PPCS and SwiftCurrent Connect. “We saw a need in our rural communities and started this journey with the goal of connecting our members to high-speed, reliable broadband. We have completed 800 miles of fiber, and now over 6,000 homes can access gigabit-level internet speeds.”

SwiftCurrent Connect customers can now receive two gigabit-level download and upload speeds. The broadband network utilizes fiber optic cable to the home or business, delivering superior service quality compared to DSL, satellite, cable, or fixed wireless systems.  The fiber network can deliver quality speeds with low latency, delivering a great customer experience. With the mild weather, Phase Three work has continued this winter, and preparations for next spring’s Phase 4 work have begun.

“We anticipated with the cold temperatures and freezing ground that normally sets in during November, we would have to suspend construction,” said Boettcher. “However, we’ve been able to continue underground construction and drops to the homes until frost prohibits any further work.”  More information can be found at