PPCS offers multiple avenues for our members to lower energy bills, increase energy efficiency and conservation, and help our environment through our Electric$ense rebates and incentives.


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Look for the Energy Star logo on refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, electric clothes dryers, dishwashers, and dehumidifiers.   



Why install a high-efficiency refrigerator or freezer and then put the old working energy hog in the garage for a beverage cooler?  Why not recycle with a reputable dealer and receive a rebate?  PPCS also offers a rebate for recycling an old working window air conditioner. 


PPCS offers rebates on new LED light bulbs and new LED fixtures.

Lighting Guide


Consider upgrading to an air-source heat pump for your cooling needs.  Bonus - receive a high-efficiency heating source in the fall, spring, and warmer winter days. 

Have you ever thought about installing a high-efficiency ground source heat pump?  Now may be the time; PPCS offers rebates, and federal tax credits are available.

HVAC-Heat Pump Program


PPCS offers rebates ranging from $400 to $800 on residential charging stations.  The charging station must be connected to PPCS' load management system.  Learn more about how PPCS supports electric vehicles.


Uncomfortable in your home?  High heating/cooling costs?  Consider scheduling a home performance test.  This blower door/infrared test determines heat loss in your home.  Based on your test results, rebates and incentives for energy efficiency improvements are available through PPCS' Electric$ense and our partnership with Focus on Energy.

Home Performance Test Program     

Focus on Energy

Managed water heating requires a water heater capacity of at least 50 gallons.  Water heating is interrupted to a maximum of six hours a day (based on your water heater capacity) during high electrical demand or system emergencies.

Rebates may apply if the unit is 75 gallons or larger and is connected to PPCS' load management system.  General service rates apply.  The water heater can be purchased from PPCS or any vendor.

Help extend the life of your water heater by installing a WaterRight water softening system.

Electric Water Heating Information


PPCS' off-peak electric water heating program gives you a reduced electric rate if you also use some form of off-peak storage or dual-fuel electric heat (5-kilowatt minimum).  The water heater is metered separately to receive the low off-peak electric rate.

Rebates may apply if the unit is 75 gallons or larger and is connected to PPCS' load management system.  Off-peak electric rates are available with this program.  The water heater can be purchased from PPCS or any vendor that meets the energy efficiency requirements.

Off-Peak Water Heating Information


PPCS can help you keep every room in your home cozy and comfortable with safe, energy-efficient electric heating systems.  Whether it's electric radiant floor heat or electric thermal storage heating systems, PPCS can help you get the most out of your heating dollars with our off-peak storage heating rates.

Off-Peak Heating Information


Water quality can affect the performance and useful life of your household appliances. Hard water scale can build up in your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine and even your plumbing pipes, costing you money because of unwanted service calls and replacement parts. You might even need to buy a completely new appliance.

Water-Right® systems from PPCS can bring your water quality to a new level and save you money. The first step in selecting a system that is right for you is to test your water, and we’ll do it for free. Contact us today for your FREE water test!

Prescribed Rebates for Energy Efficient Equipment  
Members installing certain energy-saving equipment and/or incorporating energy efficiency measures in new or existing facilities may qualify for prescribed rebates. Contact us for more information.

Custom Rebates for Energy Efficient Equipment
Members who optimize demand and/or energy efficiency savings potential based on individual needs and develop long-term efficiency planning may be eligible for customized rebates. Any (electric) energy-saving technologies will be considered. Technologies installed in new and existing facilities are eligible. Eligibility will be based on efficiency, operating characteristics, and ability to reduce demand and energy consumption using an avoided cost calculation. Pre-approval is required.  Contact us for more information.

Examples of technologies that may be eligible for these rebates are included below. 


  • Low-pressure irrigation systems
  • Efficient grain drying
  • Livestock environmental controls

Commercial & Industrial

  • Ultra-efficiency three-phase motors
  • Process horsepower reduction
  • Energy Star commercial food service equipment
  • Grocery cooler/freezer controls
  • Beverage and vending machine controls
  • Improvements to the envelope of electrically heated buildings

This is not an all-inclusive list.


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Rebates & Incentives

Terms and conditions apply to these rebates.  Please review the information and contact us with any questions.  Rebates and documentation for 2024 must be submitted by December 26, 2024.

Appliances   Ag-Commercial & Industrial     Compressed Air Audit     Electric Water Heaters   

Electric Vehicle Charging Station     Energy Efficiency Improvements     HVAC-Heat Pumps     Lighting

Additional rebates are available through our partnership with Focus on Energy.

Focus on Energy

Rebate terms and conditions:

  • The rebate will not exceed the cost of the equipment. 

  • Equipment must be purchased and/or installed in 2024.

  • Equipment must be installed on the cooperative’s lines.

  • Installed equipment must be connected to PPCS’ load management system when applicable.

  • Rebates are in place through December 26, 2024, or until funds are depleted. 

  • Rebates will be issued as a credit to the member’s electric account.

  • Submit the rebate form and required documentation no later than three months after purchase and/or installation or by December 26, 2024, whichever comes first.

Rebate forms and required materials can be mailed to:

Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services
Attn: Electric$ense Program
PO Box 420
Ellsworth WI 54011-0420

Questions? Contact Us