Child ID Kit Program
PPCS, a Touchstone Energy cooperative, is part of a community service initiative to help parents protect their children through the National Child Identification Program. 

In 1997, The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) created the National Child Identification Program.  Now, through a unique joint effort between the American Football Coaches Association and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, PPCS is participating in one of the largest child identification efforts ever conducted. 

Since May 2003, Pierce Pepin has been working with local law enforcement officials in both Pierce and Pepin counties to fingerprint first grade students in area schools.  After fingerprinting the students, the kits are sent home with the children.  Parents or guardians can then record specific information about their children on the identification cards and put them in a place for safekeeping.  The kit also includes an envelope and swabs for collecting at least two DNA samples from your child and a self-laminating wallet card.  If ever needed, this ID Kit will give authorities vital information to assist their efforts in locating a missing child. To date, more than 10,000 children have been fingerprinted.

PPCS also supports individual community efforts organized by law enforcement officials that strive to protect our children.  Child ID Kits are provided for such events upon request.

PPCS’ involvement in this effort is another example of our longstanding commitment to our communities.  Through this outreach program, we are proving that we are more than just an energy provider.  We are fulfilling our pledge to be a key player in ensuring the safety of the children within our communities.

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