Policy Updates - August 3, 2017

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The Board of Directors updated, rescinded and added the following policies at their meeting on August 3, 2017.

Policy 4.07B  Merchandising and Fee Schedule
Policy 5.01    Notification of Planned Outages
Policy 5.03A  Main Service Entrance, Meter Loop and Services
Policy 5.04    Pole-Top and Grade-Level Switches and Metering (RESCINDED)
Policy 5.04A  Pole-Top and Grade-Level Switches and Metering (RESCINDED)
Policy 5.06    Three-Phase Service
Policy 5.07    Electric Service; Service Changes and Upgrades
Policy 5.09    Moving Structures under Cooperative Lines
Policy 5.10A  Member Responsibility for Defective Wiring or Equipment 
Policy 5.11A  Relocating Lines (RESCINDED)
Policy 5.12    Dusk to Dawn Lights
Policy 5.13    Electric Service; Line Extensions - Single Phase (One Mile or Less)
Policy 5.15    Electric Service - Annexed Areas (RESCINDED)
Policy 5.20    Cogeneration
​Policy 5.21    Standby Generators/Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems
Policy 5.22A  PCB Spills or Exposure (RESCINDED)
Policy 5.24    Electric Service; Line Extensions for Land Developers
Policy 5.27A  Right-of-Way Member Choice Program

For more information about these policy updates, please contact our office at 715-273-4355 or 800-924-2133.