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Brief History

For over 80 years, our mission at Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services (PPCS) has been to provide reliable energy services and be responsive to our communities.  Located in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, PPCS offers electric service to homes and businesses throughout most of Pierce County and parts of Pepin, St. Croix and Buffalo counties.  With a commitment to excellence, innovation and integrity, PPCS is dedicated to helping its communities Live Better.®

Pierce-Pepin Electric Cooperative is Formed
On April 2, 1937, the Pierce-Pepin Electric Cooperative was formed. With a loan through the Rural Electrification Act (REA) for about $330,000, construction began in September 1937 for 318 miles of line that would serve 932 farms. The original lines were designed as two major sections, the southern and northern routes. On June 13, 1938, the southern section was energized and the northern section was energized on July 4, 1938. To learn more about our early history, watch our presentation of Roosevelt's Economic Engine:  Rural Electrification.




Pierce Pepin Diversifies -
Changes Name to Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services
As members' needs changed, PPCS diversified and expanded our product/service offerings to complement and enhance our electric business.  Since we were no longer just an electric cooperative, with approval by the membership in March 1999, our name was changed to Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services.  The change was officially implemented in September 1999.

Pierce Pepin Today
Pierce Pepin serves over 6,800 electric members throughout most of Pierce County and portions of Pepin, St. Croix and Buffalo counties. Our business is about a commitment to service, not making huge profits. Our focus is to build relationships by helping those we serve Live Better.®

Pierce Pepin operates under published Bylaws and makes its Annual Report available to all interested parties.

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